SavagE_ _
SavagE_ _ Prieš 8 val
Y Pixlriffs and ZloyXP aren't in Hermitcraft
Chris Clifton
Chris Clifton Prieš 8 val
Mumbo and Iskall seem to have largely walked away from S7. 😞
IknowRedstone Prieš 8 val
the Idear to start the season 8 with bases in the nether sounds pretty amazing. I'd love to see that
HORRIOR Prieš 8 val
Isn't there a data pack for most of the winter content that just hasn't been fully tested and perfected? I would assume the hermits would use that when the summer update comes.
Nightcore By Design
Nightcore By Design Prieš 9 val
I do have to wonder how they'll report dead Bodies once the Among Us Mini-Game is ready to be played... They'd have to do at least SOMETHING about that Anyways, Awesome Recap, I only watch Xisuma, Mumbo and Grian anyway XD
TomanPlayz Prieš 10 val
I think there will be a Season 7.5 at summer.
16patsle Prieš 11 val
Loved the Tatooine sand reference
Gweegy Gweegy
Gweegy Gweegy Prieš 12 val
Just gotta say, although I am two whole weeks late, I'm having an absolutely _incredible_ time going through all the paths trying to guess which hermit is at the end of each one! Amazing job
Netherking 8
Netherking 8 Prieš 12 val
Every week the jokes get better lmao
VulpisFoxfire Prieš 12 val
I predict they reset the server in summer..*and* use the data pack that adds in all the features.
10Persent Prieš 13 val
I think starting in the nether during the summer and waiting till winter to go to the overworld would be awesome
mohid shahzad
mohid shahzad Prieš 13 val
Seasonn7 goes on till winter
Ray Tan
Ray Tan Prieš 13 val
We need to have a look under the shopping district by the end of the season
Emmanuella Mariano
Emmanuella Mariano Prieš 13 val
I guess I’ve been living under a cliff then
Patrick Bourne
Patrick Bourne Prieš 14 val
I don't think it would be completely unreasonable for them to keep going until summer and then have a few months break. As far as I know they all have their own worlds and Minecraft projects outside of hermitcraft
RexTenomous Prieš 14 val
i had to pause the video to say: that is the sickest floor design I've ever seen. Thank you, FSGCT.
Draggy654 Prieš 15 val
Tfc really needs to start doing collabs with other hermits
Wesley Shorey
Wesley Shorey Prieš 15 val
I think we might get a mini season 8 followed by season 9 at the part 2 release
Tortoise Prieš 16 val
Justin H
Justin H Prieš 16 val
adding new blocks for season seven and then starting season 8 in winter seems a good idea
StuffandThings Prieš 16 val
Dream: I saw it on reddit Hermitcraft: I saw it on reddit now all we need is Mojang: We saw it on reddit
Fox Lee
Fox Lee Prieš 18 val
I love your work folks, but you know you have a global audience right? Would it be THAT hard to say "third quarter" or whatever, instead of talking in seasons that only apply to the northern hemisphere?
Pixlriffs Prieš 9 val
We're just phrasing it the way Mojang does. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Elijah A.
Elijah A. Prieš 18 val
Please enable captions if possible, thank you! Love the videos!
Elijah A.
Elijah A. Prieš 8 val
@Pixlriffs Thanks! It probably is some odd problem on my end, because I've noticed captions seem to be unavailable to me for a majority of the hermits.
Pixlriffs Prieš 9 val
Auto-Captions seem available for me. We've never once disabled them behind the scenes for any reason. I think it depends on video processing time, so they may not have been available when you watched the video, but they are now. I also recommend making sure the browser you're using is up-to-date and can run the latest LTlost player.
Crab Dislikes you
Crab Dislikes you Prieš 19 val
Tango sus
supergluehotty Prieš 19 val
"Etho come fix your garbage!" 😂
KiwiGirl Prieš 19 val
Ah yes, Etho was wondering where to put those pickles XD
TheTexan83 Prieš 19 val
Expand the border. Then Tango can have a decked out 1.5 without having to rebuild the whole thing to beta test it with skulk sensors.
Joe Long
Joe Long Prieš 19 val
They're moving to the neather, moving to the neather, moooviing tooo the neather
Jay Glenn
Jay Glenn Prieš 19 val
Yes yes loved the Riker reference! I've been watching those memes for a while now lol
TPIM Prieš 20 val
Morbid Riker got the belly laugh, well done. Also, I expect to hear Cub's "and... voila" at some point again.
h3nder Prieš 20 val
They can install the datapack for caves and play with a smaller world, then just play with mountains in winter
Fictious Silver
Fictious Silver Prieš 20 val
Matthew McMillan
Matthew McMillan Prieš 20 val
did they find out what caused the screaming bang that gave Tongo a scare
Karkaranos Builds
Karkaranos Builds Prieš 20 val
Yeah; Cubfan killed an Ender Dragon so he could summon 81 withers and destroy their ears even more.
Lamarck Leland
Lamarck Leland Prieš 20 val
If the Barge is final the end must be near.
Pizzagelion Prieš 20 val
The idea of making everyone hold up in the nether is definitely interesting. The upside down tried to be that but noone went back to it
Cheese Burger
Cheese Burger Prieš 20 val
Start in the nether
Remedios Catalan
Remedios Catalan Prieš 20 val
I am scared if grian would not be able to finish the mansion
Justin Hackbarth
Justin Hackbarth Prieš 20 val
1.17 should now be called the Cliffhanger update
Loose Moose
Loose Moose Prieš 20 val
I can definitely see them keeping season 7 going until winter because then they can explore the mobs with end game gear and farms before the overworld becomes the caves and cliffs update
Maddie Draws
Maddie Draws Prieš 20 val
I thought Mojang said something about making the world generation change gradual for older worlds - this makes me think new world in Summer and opening world border in Winter 🤷‍♀️
Nicholas Farrell
Nicholas Farrell Prieš 20 val
I would love to see a return of hardcore hermits and hermit quest while they wait for the full update.
Brode Prieš 21 val
I think they should keep the summer update with s7 and change to s8 after winter update as it is a big update and summer only includes blocks and mobs which shouldn't be that difficult as chunks not used alot can be chopped off and mobs spawn everywhere
Teeler Prieš 21 val
I'm assuming that they'll continue 7, but I do hope there is a break between 7 and 8, so nobody is burnt out before it begins.
Lil Otter
Lil Otter Prieš 22 val
the T.I.E joke made me extremely happy
seekR .R6
seekR .R6 Prieš 22 val
Just a thing that some people might have forgotten, the button was this season
MasterChaosL100 Prieš 22 val
I think they should export the world as is, and generate a new world with the new stuff in it. Then take the old world and all of its builds with all the necessary components, and just cut out all the areas that are just existing cave terrain. Then place the existing world on top of the new world, that way the new caves will exist without any builds dying. As for the new above ground terrain, you could just do the border extension thing. Or you could take out sections of the map which can be generated again by the 1.17 terrain, and morph the existing area onto the new terrain. Kind of merging the worlds ya know?
mickealduplessis Prieš 22 val
the beyond belief reference was amazing. pix putting a smile on my face today
Benni Bepler
Benni Bepler Prieš 22 val
you forgot irritating
_M 1000
_M 1000 Prieš 22 val
i realy hope they all live in the nether and reset the overworld. propably wont happen, but it would be fun.
Saffron4546 Prieš 23 val
gordon wilson
gordon wilson Prieš 23 val
i say reset in summer
Paul Grote Beverborg
Paul Grote Beverborg Prieš 23 val
I hope the season keeps going until winter
TLO Prieš 23 val
I think we can all agree that if something big happens on hermitcraft grian has something to do with it
Oleg Dorbitt
Oleg Dorbitt Prieš 23 val
After that April Fools from Cubfan hearing the word "parkour" triggers me.
Phoenix Prieš 23 val
It’ll be a better idea to start season 8 in Winter. That was they can adapt their new mega bases to the new world gen
Marshall Prieš 23 val
I expect: They integrate the summer update into the current season and reset for the Winter update. I want: With the summer update they end the season and start a short 6-month mini season with a fun gimmick to shake things up and fight burnout in a fun way before the winter update starts Season 8
Borach McTeague
Borach McTeague Prieš 23 val
I would absolutely love to see them make the overworld off-limits for permanent structures, except for an area immediate around spawn, and see how the server survives with a few months having only nether access!
everything 44
everything 44 Prieš 23 val
dude it would be awesome if they start season 8 but its all in the nether and then when 1.17 comes out they reset the overworld
Sky- Blitz
Sky- Blitz Prieš 23 val
I will be VERY upset if you guys aren't in the balcony for the puppet show
EM11212 Prieš dieną
What if they have a Season 7.5 and play modded Minecraft or something for a few months? Change up the gameplay but not for long in case it's unpopular.
Francis Gulbis
Francis Gulbis Prieš dieną
Id love if they played in the nether and then reset the overworld
CraftyDawnFox Prieš dieną
It is crazy to think I have watched 59 episodes of hermitcraft recap. I can't believe it has been more than a year of hermitcraft season 7.
Eddie 30
Eddie 30 Prieš dieną
I'm really confused on how the right wall at 4:26 is made I mean you can't use vertical slabs RIGHT?
Eddie 30
Eddie 30 Prieš 14 val
@Maya Avrasin oh I didn't notice they were walls thanks
Maya Avrasin
Maya Avrasin Prieš 22 val
Walls and regular blocks, now they connect.
Braden Barnes
Braden Barnes Prieš dieną
There is a data pack they can use to have access to the new generation
Marianne playing Uno
Marianne playing Uno Prieš dieną
I remember when Ren was wild west themed
Gawd Pro Max Ultra
Gawd Pro Max Ultra Prieš dieną
No matter what they do with season 8, I'm pretty sure pacific will open in season 25
Luna Gale
Luna Gale Prieš dieną
I think they might slow down on work until the winter? Idk at least for this update it feels weird to jump into another world only to not really do anything in it for a few months
Justin Booth
Justin Booth Prieš dieną
I'm guessing they will update in the summer, but use the datapack so they can take advantage of the new generation.
Weta Prieš dieną
Could you do a Monthly Recap? I'm so much behind schedule it's impossible to get back up to date.
Tony Neufeld
Tony Neufeld Prieš dieną
I hope they start next season once the 1.17 is released and stable. Not just as soon as its released
Jokingbomb Prieš dieną
Probably winter
Yugi Trump
Yugi Trump Prieš dieną
Season 8 could take a lesson from the other SMP's out there and have teams or something? Be kinda cool to have a season long game of capture the flag
Annika Heiskanen
Annika Heiskanen Prieš dieną
i love how yall included the clips where hermits give credit to the ppl who designed the builds
Jack Clapham
Jack Clapham Prieš dieną
I think they will start season 8 in the summer with the experimental world generation turned on via data pack but with a small world border till the winter update
DrAlpaca30 Prieš dieną
What if they start season 8 with the summer update and season 9 at the winter one.
axellander Prieš dieną
There could be a season 7.5 and then a season 8 of hermitcraft...
NightScarab Prieš dieną
Ok. That would actually be really fun. Good idea!
axellander Prieš dieną
@NightScarab season 7.5 would be just a miniseason, it would last a few months and then when mojang releases the entire cave update, they would do a proper 8th season
NightScarab Prieš dieną
How would that work?
BabyDevil Prieš dieną
Rip keralis just uploaded one hour ago the upload of this recap episode😂
Voyhager3 Prieš dieną
Dang it’s already Sunday, good thing I have this weekly landmark
Mira Flynn
Mira Flynn Prieš dieną
I don’t know what they’ll do with caves and cliffs, but I don’t think they’ll live in the nether and reset the overworld. Based on the upside-down, I just don’t think that’ll go well. It’s too dangerous, too hard to build in, and I think hermits want to build in the new worldgen and not be too tied to the nether.