A Mongus - Hermitcraft Recap Season 7 - week #46

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fan forever
fan forever Prieš 29 dienų
wait how will deaths work if there are death messages
Alasdair Sinclair
Alasdair Sinclair Prieš mėn
4:35 “They had to chain down the tables so they won’t get stolen”
Laurie Plumley
Laurie Plumley Prieš mėn
😂Skizzleman gets a shout out. Awesome!
K N Prieš mėn
Grian made a secret base in your base... Lol
Mr. Chicken
Mr. Chicken Prieš mėn
What happened to the sound?
emre ozel
emre ozel Prieš mėn
Zloy watch out keralis has built a secret base under your truly bedrock base!
Awesomefacematt Prieš mėn
1:47, Right Full Yellow star has the wrong colour centre
andrew sainz
andrew sainz Prieš mėn
good music
Lorelai Allison
Lorelai Allison Prieš mėn
Don’t you love how he says “aque town” 😂😂😂
* Футбольчик *
* Футбольчик * Prieš mėn
Hayden Bateman
Hayden Bateman Prieš mėn
Would have been better if the title had hermongus
RedX Phantom
RedX Phantom Prieš mėn
I feel sad for Cub especially the treasures
Callie Remeikis
Callie Remeikis Prieš mėn
I finally furnished binge watching the great series (subbed)
Andrew Lees
Andrew Lees Prieš mėn
Joe does DnD? That's actually not that surprising.
captain barbel
captain barbel Prieš mėn
Where is tf
Mohamed Dhayyan
Mohamed Dhayyan Prieš mėn
cant wait for the recap of the HCBBS countdown
PreReleased Prieš mėn
Jimme Bruining
Jimme Bruining Prieš mėn
Brought to you by "Janyeri"
Zurrender Prieš mėn
the change over.... ADD IT!! U KNOW! THE COUNTDOWN?
James Cruse
James Cruse Prieš mėn
man, Mumbo isn't in this one. He also said "stress" instead of Joe
sunflowerdoesgacha Prieš mėn
Can't wait till next week cuz of the weird machine
Lucid Lullaby
Lucid Lullaby Prieš mėn
Hypno 🤝 Iskall Having to deal with farming potion arrows
Zain Khan
Zain Khan Prieš mėn
Where is iskall
Timothy Holloway
Timothy Holloway Prieš mėn
me, wondering what a mongus is xD
TheNormalestPeep Prieš mėn
What aboutthe strange thing that randomly popped up in the shopping district today
David Quinn
David Quinn Prieš mėn
This came out before that but im curious too
Moondust2365 Prieš mėn
7:03 Me knowing what they actually said in that time thanks to the livestream replay: "I get the joke, but somehow it pissed me off, lol."
OrdinaryLui Prieš mėn
A Mongus, hehe xD
Jaeden Alft
Jaeden Alft Prieš mėn
Among us is literally just murder mystery. It’s nothing special.
Yirggzmb Prieš mėn
It's a handy game to have in your rotation of "relatively quick, easy to cycle players in and out" games though. And since it's currently popular among the hermits, I totally understand why Tango wants to try building a version of it
Chirayu Rabari
Chirayu Rabari Prieš mėn
I love how other than scar everyone calls it Aque town
Leena A.
Leena A. Prieš mėn
@InterestingDuck ahaaa, ok that makes sense. Thanks!
Leena A.
Leena A. Prieš mėn
mind explaining why? is it just cause or is there an inside joke involved
Ronin Walker
Ronin Walker Prieš mėn
2 yelow row farthist in the rit
Emm p4
Emm p4 Prieš mėn
We should have this but with the DreamSMP
Chrollo Lucilfer
Chrollo Lucilfer Prieš mėn
Me with no life who has been able to watch every hermit and is caught up but watches this for fun-
JamesG 23
JamesG 23 Prieš mėn
Gavin Dominic Doria
Gavin Dominic Doria Prieš mėn
the more i see bdubs the more i become bdubs
Roksana Ruhe
Roksana Ruhe Prieš mėn
Just Some Guy With A Mustache
Just Some Guy With A Mustache Prieš mėn
Oh i'm gunna miss these, hopefully istill get the time to watch em over the weekends with work
radio_vidar Prieš mėn
7:22 how did you get the warden's new voice line?
Dr. mnbvcxy
Dr. mnbvcxy Prieš mėn
underverse2006 Prieš mėn
Can y'all please upload the script to captions? Or make the scripts available as a paste bin so I can understand this. I am Hard of Hearing
Kaleb Levermore-Rich
Kaleb Levermore-Rich Prieš mėn
I have one issue with Among Us in Survival Minecraft. Minecraft outright tells you who kills who.
HoneyGirl Prieš mėn
I think the mistake in cubs floor was one of the left patterns was facing the wrong way. Idk. Just guessing
Benjamin Pope
Benjamin Pope Prieš mėn
There's an etho slab on the side of bdubs tnt store
Erfedwe Prieš mėn
We need a Hermitcraft / Legacy crossover event at some point. A lot of the creators have worked together on various projects.
Andrew Gerber
Andrew Gerber Prieš mėn
I'm glad this show is here.
Mathmandavid21 Prieš mėn
The mistake in Cub’s floor is in the grey glazed terracotta above the shulker box in his inventory
Profanity343 Prieš mėn
I miss Wels
JLH Prieš mėn
My favorite part of this recap was the mention of Skizzleman! 👏
gromit mug gromit mug
gromit mug gromit mug Prieš mėn
Henry Barker
Henry Barker Prieš mėn
Thank you Pixelriffs
eggley Prieš mėn
When tango is sus 😳
Briarpelt Prieš mėn
I love Hermitcraft's good-faith mischief
VulpisFoxfire Prieš mėn
All these people completely failing to get the title. Really sus, there...
Sonny Prieš mėn
..definitely wasn't thinking of a mongoose
Nitro Pixelz
Nitro Pixelz Prieš mėn
well mumbo and joehills as of yet have signed up to a space cult lol
CMinorOp67 Prieš mėn
BDubs explosion was legit funny, in his video...and surprising, this time. I guess the back and forth over the activator rails ignited the TNT?
AllerasTheSphinx Prieš mėn
7:30 It has been summoned and it wants blood.
V S Prieš mėn
you left out the part where joe says he doesn't do voices for dnd either and it was an awkward moment that showed they both did voices for each other under the impression they'd like it/etc
Hermitcrafy recap: *uploads * Mumbo literally a few hours later: * finds an alian space ship who asks for people's names*
Cat Hams
Cat Hams Prieš mėn
When the minecraft server is recapped
Frosty Nebula
Frosty Nebula Prieš mėn
Love the skizz mention! ☺️☺️ he is one of a kind after all!
Wesley Eash
Wesley Eash Prieš mėn
1:26 "Really the hardest challenge will be to simulate Skizzleman" I have found a man of culture, I see
Oli The Geek
Oli The Geek Prieš mėn
8:24 “Anything’s legal when there’s no cops around” paraphrased, Stan Pines
Evie Braud
Evie Braud Prieš mėn
And mumbo releases his video right after the recap
Oleksa Hryciw
Oleksa Hryciw Prieš mėn
“Otherwise my house is rumbling for no reason” is so funny to me because I live in California and there was a relatively big earthquake last night that shook my whole house
Frak Spikes
Frak Spikes Prieš mėn
1:45 spoted top left diagonal forth in the line
Eleanore Violet Nebulous
Eleanore Violet Nebulous Prieš mėn
idk bout anyone else but my hype engine is THOUROUGLY started. imo its not gonna be "among us" but like, it really looks like a Good and Engaging game that is gonna be Quality
Eleanore Violet Nebulous
Eleanore Violet Nebulous Prieš mėn
i just really hope it inspires someone to make a mod that is more accurate. with a little bit of light modding/plugins it'd b pretty easy to reproduce about 90% of the game
jke Prieš mėn
What is a Mongus?
TheKrollFamily Prieš mėn
I read ZloyXP's books, diary of a minecraft villager
antiisocial Prieš mėn
Cool. Also Dancing Gandolphs.
casesandcapitals Prieš mėn
The poetic irony of "I'm gonna build a secret base in impulse's base because there are no rules" and "I'm gonna deliver a gift to grian but I feel weird about going inside his base when he's not around" is pure gold
casesandcapitals Prieš mėn
@Justin Ortega why would you ask me this
Justin Ortega
Justin Ortega Prieš mėn
I have a question when is the account migration supposed to happen for Java edition
Super Memeinator Official
Super Memeinator Official Prieš mėn
The Duality Of Man
mason booh
mason booh Prieš mėn
Bruh im still on week 19
PokoTheDinosaur Prieš mėn
Your house is rumbling for no reason. The hype train left your house already
Jack Servans
Jack Servans Prieš mėn
I'm just waiting for the warped and crimson nylium turf war, with the soul sand party in between.
Mason Hoff
Mason Hoff Prieš mėn
DnD 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Savantte Prieš mėn
the writing in this recap is stellar! the jokes are all 10/10 lol
Clik Prieš mėn
When I realized I missed Grian's video while watching the recap I went and watched it and then came back here.
Weta Prieš mėn
Humongous what? Humongous what? Is that sexual harassment?!
Matt Angell
Matt Angell Prieš mėn
#skizzleman name drop
Ezik Prieš mėn
“ and finally there’s keralis” iJevin: “am i a joke to you?”
e Prieš mėn
Support the Nagyobbist church
Matthew Borchert
Matthew Borchert Prieš mėn
Lol, there’s a history joke that 2 and a half people will get.
Blessd Mommy
Blessd Mommy Prieš mėn
3:48 Grian bell, LOLOL
Yuvraj Mishra
Yuvraj Mishra Prieš mėn
7:24 The new GodZilla sound effects are AWESOME!
Robert Tooley
Robert Tooley Prieš mėn
I'm glad you guys keep doing these
john Prieš mėn
A great vid guys
abrachoo Prieš mėn
I see the mistake in cub's floor
Skyvrr Universe
Skyvrr Universe Prieš mėn
“Everything is legal when there are no cops around!” -Grunkle Stan and Pixlriffs
Kristina Hard
Kristina Hard Prieš mėn
@Phoebe Schuurmans no the cops from gravity falls also what are there names
Phoebe Schuurmans
Phoebe Schuurmans Prieš mėn
bring back Sherif False
Elias Williams
Elias Williams Prieš mėn
@WackoMcGoose good joke
WackoMcGoose Prieš mėn
"Road safety laws, prepare to be ignored!" -Grunkle Stan and any hermit that crafts a Minecart With TNT
Charlie James
Charlie James Prieš mėn
You’ve missed people out the vid
Fictious Silver
Fictious Silver Prieš mėn
Analog A
Analog A Prieš mėn
I wish there would be a Minecraft challenge thing of Hermitcraft vs Legacy
MadduxGamez Prieš mėn
I love that hypnotizd calls the villagers guys lol
Anonymous Misnomer
Anonymous Misnomer Prieš mėn
10:00 dog update when???
BlocKoopa Prieš mėn
I liked the Skizzleman joke. :-)
oinky momo
oinky momo Prieš mėn
a single mongus
Anonymous Misnomer
Anonymous Misnomer Prieš mėn
Fahmidaaktersimo Fahmidaaktersimo
Fahmidaaktersimo Fahmidaaktersimo Prieš mėn
*Grian makes secret houses* *Mumbo and Iskall works on Pacific* Hermit Challenges: *Sad noises*
Something Somthing
Something Somthing Prieš mėn
Good job on the JoeHills reconstruction!
Tundrian Prieš mėn
I thought for sure this would open with the Among Us: shhhhh!
Omkar Gaykar
Omkar Gaykar Prieš mėn
2:42 I see what you did there "There is something that he was tipped off about"
Omkar Gaykar
Omkar Gaykar Prieš mėn
What is the mistake in the floor of cubfan? 1:50
Jennifer Viets
Jennifer Viets Prieš mėn
You messed up the title
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