Hermitcraft Recap Season 7 - week #37

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Hermitcraft Recap - a show by fans for fans

Prieš 3 mėnesius

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Emma Chicken
Emma Chicken Prieš mėn
hey, i missed you. i took a break from hermitcraft for 2 months and im now back.
Lumberjack king the great
Lumberjack king the great Prieš 3 mėnesius
I have a lot of things to catch up on I'm so behind
ItsDexGaming Prieš 3 mėnesius
So I am at that enjoyable yet somewhat painful moment of discovering something where I already know I will watch the entire playlist of all episodes released so far. It's not hard to know that because the playlist was just opened. Cya in 39 episodes later.
fgh8522 Prieš 3 mėnesius
Joshua White
Joshua White Prieš 3 mėnesius
B dubs should add podzel to his minigame Oh Wait
Gabriel Covalenco Cristian
Gabriel Covalenco Cristian Prieš 3 mėnesius
ApexBrachydios Prieš 3 mėnesius
Nah, not really much of a sashimi guy
engineer gaming
engineer gaming Prieš 3 mėnesius
Oh no no
JamesyBoi27 Prieš 3 mėnesius
I already told you Zloy, I want milk
JackAnimates Prieš 3 mėnesius
Hold on- there is a brown variety of mooshroom
Mentally Unstable
Mentally Unstable Prieš 3 mėnesius
grian’s storylines probably got hermit craft recap a bunch more subscribers because it’s just fun to see the different sides to the wars
Christiaan Scholte
Christiaan Scholte Prieš 3 mėnesius
You guys are amazing I really enjoy this every week
Anthony Andrew
Anthony Andrew Prieš 3 mėnesius
The text at the end: Because Elytra. Made me laugh so hard :-D
Alexander Wolf
Alexander Wolf Prieš 3 mėnesius
can i have some octopuse pls and mabye eel
Atom Playz
Atom Playz Prieš 3 mėnesius
Who thinks pixlriffs should be a part of hermitcraft instead of recapping it
Lumi Nariel
Lumi Nariel Prieš 3 mėnesius
What Bdubs hasn't realized is that he can train llamas after himself and have even more mobile storage XD
Samantha Weber
Samantha Weber Prieš 3 mėnesius
Can you please do all of the pranks, big events, deaths of everyone, all the shops, and bases? I love hermitcraft but I only watch from grians POV Bc I don’t have enough time
oswald gaming
oswald gaming Prieš 3 mėnesius
5:32 respect lol
Blue-Maned Hawk
Blue-Maned Hawk Prieš 3 mėnesius
A high-quality spicy salmon role is always good.
Sam Lamping
Sam Lamping Prieš 3 mėnesius
“It’s a surprise tool that will help us later” *w h e e z e*
Danny Pawlak
Danny Pawlak Prieš 3 mėnesius
Scar: makes a laser solar powered so it can’t be evil The Death Star: solar paneled
SelectorOfSouls Prieš 3 mėnesius
Because elytra
Joran gaming
Joran gaming Prieš 3 mėnesius
What item is moopop actualy
Nie wiem jak się nazwać
Nie wiem jak się nazwać Prieš 3 mėnesius
I think it is a pumpkin pie
Cosmic CrAzY
Cosmic CrAzY Prieš 3 mėnesius
I sell blaze powder and blaze powder accessories
RadBrad Music Artist
RadBrad Music Artist Prieš 3 mėnesius
I stopped watching this season because the resistance storyline is trash
Austin Dreemurr
Austin Dreemurr Prieš 3 mėnesius
Legit didn't even know there was a brown mooshroom before they showed it and then I thought it was a texture pack or something
Titledpie Prieš 3 mėnesius
Xisuma was just remodeling it, he didn't actually make it, Impulse did.
Spleens The cat
Spleens The cat Prieš 3 mėnesius
No full auto mushroom farms in the building
Kitty Prieš 3 mėnesius
Hi Zloy, I would love some sashimi!
Rupert Gu
Rupert Gu Prieš 3 mėnesius
Ramchandra Panuganti
Ramchandra Panuganti Prieš 3 mėnesius
Hemitcraft recap has more subs than some hermits?
The Student Magician
The Student Magician Prieš 3 mėnesius
The more you think about it, the more the MR are just becoming the peaky blinders. Getting more and more legal in how they obtain their land and do their business
Ned Jeffery
Ned Jeffery Prieš 3 mėnesius
I'm pretty sure "three range chickens" is the best pun I have ever heard. Bravo Zedaph!
TOAST GAMES Prieš 3 mėnesius
I'll take some sashimi too
Skeledie 87
Skeledie 87 Prieš 3 mėnesius
Tuna please zloy!
Cruz Caffaro
Cruz Caffaro Prieš 3 mėnesius
Joshua Grimstead
Joshua Grimstead Prieš 3 mėnesius
Tempura please !
EllaFish _
EllaFish _ Prieš 3 mėnesius
Salmon please
Schlugel Prieš 3 mėnesius
Yo zloy can I have some squid/octopus?
Alejandro Villarreal
Alejandro Villarreal Prieš 3 mėnesius
Who is watching this to know who is winning in the war
Jia Sharma
Jia Sharma Prieš 3 mėnesius
Uh.. zloy, can we get normal sushi?
Kaiserherz Prieš 3 mėnesius
8:43 Scar is *_A N G Y_*
Tomasz G
Tomasz G Prieš 3 mėnesius
Yes, I love sashimi!
WaterlemonTheArtist Prieš 3 mėnesius
Me, as soon as I saw the notification for this video; Wait, but it isn’t Sunday? Wait, yes it is.
Roland Rapelje
Roland Rapelje Prieš 3 mėnesius
well xisuma did not make the blaze farm impulse did
livid coco
livid coco Prieš 3 mėnesius
Hey that blaze farm that ‘Xisuma built’ wasn’t his. He made a deal with Impulse that he could use it for a day if he made it look pretty!
45 Potato
45 Potato Prieš 3 mėnesius
Actually, since they bought all the land they could from the throne, and the throne is made up of the land in the district, AND most of the district is bought, then they should be able to buy most of the district.
Jessica kamukama
Jessica kamukama Prieš 3 mėnesius
"In a fit of terraforming..." is the best way I have ever heard for a description to one of Scar's builds! LOL!
Jek225 Prieš 3 mėnesius
ImpulseSV made the blaze farm
Riptide Prieš 3 mėnesius
I have a question, I only keep up with two of the hermits videos (guess if ya want, I don’t care) but what happened to Docm?
Riptide Prieš 3 mėnesius
@Pixlriffs Ah! Thank you so much! I was very curious
Pixlriffs Prieš 3 mėnesius
Doc and his partner are expecting a child, so Doc is taking things a little easier with LTlost while they prepare for that big change in their lives.
Jeremy Sumpter
Jeremy Sumpter Prieš 3 mėnesius
i cant believe you didnt put mumbo saying timeskip in
YnnatheguardianChannel Prieš 3 mėnesius
What if when grian hit the button he said “boys, we’ve been rumbled”
Pilot Plays
Pilot Plays Prieš 3 mėnesius
“I sell blaze powder and blaze powder accessories” -Pixlriffs imitating X, November 2020
grondhero Prieš 3 mėnesius
The Blaze Farm was Impulse's that X renovated in order to have free access. Other than that, this comment is here just to feed the algorithm. ;)
Lima Bean
Lima Bean Prieš 3 mėnesius
Wait I thought you can just fill a cauldron with a potion and right click the cauldron with an arrow to get that potion tipped arrow.
Lima Bean
Lima Bean Prieš 3 mėnesius
@Pixlriffs Ohhhh. I forgot about that. Yeah trading would be much more efficient. Once you got the right villager, that is.
Pixlriffs Prieš 3 mėnesius
That's also a Bedrock-Edition-only mechanic. In Java Edition you have to bottle dragon's breath, craft a lingering potion, and coat 8 arrows with it.
Lima Bean
Lima Bean Prieš 3 mėnesius
@Hermitcraft Recap - a show by fans for fans Ah I see ok then. I suppose you're right.
Hermitcraft Recap - a show by fans for fans
Hermitcraft Recap - a show by fans for fans Prieš 3 mėnesius
You can, but villager trading is more convenient when you already have tons of villagers ~Zloy
Witch dok
Witch dok Prieš 3 mėnesius
Can we all agree to agree that the resistance just pulled a Santa Claus when it came to the factory?
Witch dok
Witch dok Prieš 3 mėnesius
@Hermitcraft Recap - a show by fans for fans lol
Hermitcraft Recap - a show by fans for fans
Hermitcraft Recap - a show by fans for fans Prieš 3 mėnesius
Santa Claus doesn't steal stuff though, so.. a Krampus maybe? ~Zloy
Caroline Nash
Caroline Nash Prieš 3 mėnesius
uh, Zloy, and Pixil yall probably got a lot of comments on this but X didn't build the blaze farm impulse did. X just decorated it.
Ned Jeffery
Ned Jeffery Prieš 3 mėnesius
I've been reading through the comments. Literally every second one.
Da Fabulous Lya200
Da Fabulous Lya200 Prieš 3 mėnesius
Can we just appreciate how with everything going on in the Turf War, they managed to condense everything and more into ten minutes? Bravo!
TheMan83554 Prieš 3 mėnesius
As always, just behind the Biggest Piece of hermitcraft. I swear, Grian is trolling you guys specifically by releasing stuff on Saturdays.
TheMan83554 Prieš 3 mėnesius
Ah I see! That makes perfect sense. Still, gives me a chuckle that Grian's shenanigans is always released *just* before your upload. The mental image of you guys going "Dammit Grian and your nonsense!" is too good to not indulge.
Hermitcraft Recap - a show by fans for fans
Hermitcraft Recap - a show by fans for fans Prieš 3 mėnesius
Their upload schedule impacts the show none and our schedule is specifically made to not cover videos within last two days, which is when they get their most views. ~Zloy
JSOC 2 Prieš 3 mėnesius
Who would win? An elite resistance hacker agent with weeks of extremely well coordinated deception and editing One bee boi watching LTlost
Fernando Bessan
Fernando Bessan Prieš 3 mėnesius
Anyone knows the name of the background music that starts at 6:27?
JLH Prieš 3 mėnesius
Peppered tuna for me, Zloy 🍣🥢
Soren Ingraham
Soren Ingraham Prieš 3 mėnesius
Impulse mad the blaze farm not x
Andromeda192 Prieš 3 mėnesius
Because Elytra😂
therealquade Prieš 3 mėnesius
I Cannot wait for your recap of what happened after that laser. That was the event that got me back into watching hermitcraft
Rhys Williams
Rhys Williams Prieš 3 mėnesius
The blaze farm that Xisumavoid is using to fuel his potion brewi g machine was made by Impulse, there was an agreement between them for Xisumavoid to use it after he made the surrounding area spawn proof and look amazing
hi Prieš 3 mėnesius
Pixlriffs at the start of your next recap say welcome to the hermitcraft recap my name is zloy xp and our writer is pixliffs. See how many people notice.
bob job tinkle dob
bob job tinkle dob Prieš 3 mėnesius
When I watched bdubs video I thought because elytra too lol
N Myers
N Myers Prieš 3 mėnesius
Hey guys. Xiumavoid did not make the blaze farm, impuse did. X just decorated it pls change the script!
zoid5 Prieš 3 mėnesius
I try to keep up with Hermitcraft but it would be impossible without the recap. Thanks for being awesome ^_^
Nadia Borgdorff
Nadia Borgdorff Prieš 3 mėnesius
Hey Zloy, for my birthday today I ordered sushi :)
Anony Mous
Anony Mous Prieš 3 mėnesius
Happy Monday: From Australia
Chef's Life
Chef's Life Prieš 3 mėnesius
Its impulses nlaze farm
veggie burger
veggie burger Prieš 3 mėnesius
Can I get salmon and tuna?
Mekumcream82 Prieš 3 mėnesius
This was quite the week
caardisetsu Prieš 3 mėnesius
if you can spare the money, can i have an ikura sushi?
Riley k
Riley k Prieš 3 mėnesius
Zloy can you grab me some tuna Sashimi? That’d make my day. Thanks!!
NS777 Prieš 3 mėnesius
Hermitcraft Recap, basically the only reason I care what day of the week it is.
Mase Daniels
Mase Daniels Prieš 3 mėnesius
Part of me thinks someone did a spectator mode to line up the boring machine and Grian was in the base. Super sus, but it was great content! Even Mumbo blowing up the vault and being upset. Thank you Hermits for giving me an escape during these trying times. Also, Zloy and Pixel thank you for doing these recaps.
Animatron Pictures
Animatron Pictures Prieš 3 mėnesius
" I Sell Blaze Rods, And Blaze Rods Accessories." - Impulse
Maxwell Shrum
Maxwell Shrum Prieš 3 mėnesius
where is the music
Sapphire Aurora
Sapphire Aurora Prieš 3 mėnesius
One day off from a massive event. Well get it next week
Nathaniel Shaw, The Overclocked Thinker
Nathaniel Shaw, The Overclocked Thinker Prieš 3 mėnesius
7:41. Nice transition!!!
DogeWard MC
DogeWard MC Prieš 3 mėnesius
Xisuma didn’t make the blaze farm impulse did Xisuma just decorated it
Dirk Dwipple
Dirk Dwipple Prieš 3 mėnesius
Why? Elytra.
Daily Dose Of Video Games
Daily Dose Of Video Games Prieš 3 mėnesius
Some would say the best part of sunday
Oliver Buestan
Oliver Buestan Prieš 3 mėnesius
“plz sponsor up MooPop”-Hermitcraft Recap 2020.
Oliver Buestan
Oliver Buestan Prieš 3 mėnesius
Why did this comment appear twice?
Lukas Nogueira
Lukas Nogueira Prieš 3 mėnesius
"A vintage soda factory" do not confuse this with a vintage beef factory
gamingzz for nuthinzzz
gamingzz for nuthinzzz Prieš 3 mėnesius
Benjy Wilson
Benjy Wilson Prieš 3 mėnesius
I'm excited for next weeks hermitcraft recap. If you watch Grian, Mumbo, or Scar, you know what I mean.
Bright the Backpack
Bright the Backpack Prieš 3 mėnesius
@zloy yes please
ProSpect Prieš 3 mėnesius
xisuma didnt make the blaze farm, he made it beautiful
Sky Gravity
Sky Gravity Prieš 3 mėnesius
Lego Mini Movies RJG
Lego Mini Movies RJG Prieš 3 mėnesius
1:00 Not Xisumas build. He decorated it impulse made it.
Fictious Silver
Fictious Silver Prieš 3 mėnesius
Cerys Hembury
Cerys Hembury Prieš 3 mėnesius
The dedication and hard work of the people behind this channel needs to be appreciated more!
I do random things
I do random things Prieš 3 mėnesius
300 lol
Soviet Wanderer
Soviet Wanderer Prieš 3 mėnesius
If the Hep hate fungus so much, why do they sell carbonated Mushroom Milk?
Awntry Prieš 3 mėnesius
If you follow's Scar story, the Mooshroom island used to be covered in a type of exotic grass. Then someone decided to make MooPop and when it sells so well, farmed mushroom on the Mooshroom island to make MooPop but things got out of hand and the grass went basically extinct. So HEP came in to fix the problem but since the MooPop factory is so old by now, it has historical value and thus has to be preserved so HEP simply took over the MooPop factory and repurposed it while retaining some of the old machineries
Johnny Joestar
Johnny Joestar Prieš 3 mėnesius
Sure, get me some random sashimi please zloy
Jake the Gaming Wolf
Jake the Gaming Wolf Prieš 3 mėnesius
Pixlriffs: Blaze Powder and Blaze Powder Accessories Hank Hill: ...
Sama Light
Sama Light Prieš 3 mėnesius
9:38 my thoughts exactly zloy
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